Thursday, 3 July 2014

Dining like a King

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach goes the common proverb. But it's not only your man whose heart you need to win after marriage. It's the family's heart that has to be stolen and kept in a closet for life. The reminiscence of the first day in my in-laws house still lingers in my mind. The smile, the cheers, the brightened up faces come as flashback and motivate me to improve my hand in cooking. It was pouring on the morning of 10th July 2013. Nothing could be seen. The sky appeared to be wrapped in white sheet. A perfect ambience for ‘hum’ and ‘tum’ to romance. The symphony created as the rain lashed on the roof, as the trees danced and moved with the rain, as the thirsty earth quenched its long thirst and soaked itself completely, as the frogs croaked to announce the onset of monsoon my heart leapt with joy. Immediately I decided to give a surprise lunch to my family. Thanks to myborosil which helped me to make this day special. I decided to make keema kichri or hotchpotch and chicken kasha or curry.

After I had finished making the food the color of the food really elated me. The thick yellow kichri with cauliflower, potato and keema as company really looked mouth-watering. The cauliflower and potatoes with their new brown complexion (after frying) wonderfully gelled so harmoniously with the yellow kichri. The chicken looked simply wow. The chicken stewed in onion ginger, garlic paste and savored with chili peppers and a variety of spices gave a golden brown color with the oil slipping at the side. Just to add glitter to the occasion I took out the Melamine Dinnerware, Designer Bowl Set and last but not the least Diya Lights which were carefully preserved for special guests. As the Diya Lights lightened the table (Thank God there was a power-cut) and the food alluringly served in the Melamine Dinnerware and Designer Bowl Set made our mundane dining experience a five star one. I could see the smiles and cheers on everybody faces. And guess what the food was awesome. Thank you  You made our dining experience stupendous. will also help you all like me.

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